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• Date of Service • Description of service or supply • Amount of service or supply NOTE - A “paid receipt” is not proper documentation.

While Proficient attempts to verify expenses automatically, there are times they cannot. The IRS requires proof that the paid amount is for a qualified expense, therefore you will be asked to verify the qualified expense(s) by submitting an explanation of benefits (EOB) or receipt of payment with service details and date of service. A reimbursement claim form can also be submitted. Since Proficient does not process checks, you will be required to submit your direct deposit information when you create your Proficient Connect account. Claims received by Proficient will be processed and any expenses eligible for reimbursement will be direct deposited into your personal banking account. Proficient MasterCard Employees will receive a MasterCard from Proficient to use when paying for eligible expenses (FSA Medical, FSA Dependent Care) and co-pays at the time of service. Register for Proficient Connect Through this online system, you can submit claims, add receipts, view your account details, access forms, and get answers to frequently asked questions anytime from anywhere. To register for Proficient Connect online go to www.proficientbenefits. Select Register. When creating your account,

your Employee ID number is your SSN. Download the Proficient Connect App

You can also download the Proficient Connect App from the App Store or Google Play. The app makes it convenient to keep track of your reimbursements and makes it easy to submit EOB’s. Simply take a photo or a screenshot and upload it directly to the app! GROUP TERM LIFE INSURANCE Basic Life Insurance One of the most important things about life insurance is the financial peace of mind it gives your loved ones. This benefit is provided at no cost for all full-time employees and employees are automatically enrolled. This benefit is offered through Reliance Standard Life Insurance (RSLI). Your beneficiaries will receive two times your annual salary rounded to next $1,000.00 with no maximum limit. Please refer to the Summary of Benefits located at the end of this booklet for more details. ACCIDENTAL DEATH AND DISMEMBERMENT (AD&D) COVERAGE

AD&D coverage for full-time employees is provided through RSLI and is paid 100% by the EAA. The AD&D plan provides additional protection for insured employees in the event of an accidental bodily injury resulting in death or dismemberment. In the event of an employee’s accidental death or dismemberment, the AD&D plan coverage is equal to the basic life insurance coverage.


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