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Eligibility You are eligible to receive medical expenses benefits after separation from employment upon completing at least five years of consecutive full-time service. You will also become eligible for benefits if you become totally and permanently disabled. Total and permanent disability is as defined by TCDRS. Permissible Medical Benefit Payments Medical expenses eligible for reimbursement consist of all medical expenses eligible under Internal Revenue Code Section 213 other than direct long-term care expenses. Amounts paid from your account to reimburse qualifying medical expense for you, your spouse, and your dependents will be tax-free. Reimbursement Requests Once you are eligible for health care benefits, the EAA will notify MissionSquare of your eligibility. You must also complete the VantageCare RHS Plan Benefit Eligibility Form to provide MissionSquare your spouse and dependent information. Then you may begin requesting reimbursements. Reimbursements are submitted directly to Meritain Health MissionSquare’s third-party claims processor for RHS Plans. In the event of your death, your account will be transferred to your surviving spouse and/or surviving eligible depends for continuing tax-free health care benefits. If no spouse or eligible dependents survive you, your remaining account assets or monies will revert to the EAA. TRAINING Educational Assistance Program After six months of full-time employment, employees are eligible for educational assistance. Eligibility is limited to courses offered by state or private accredited educational institutions of higher learning. Recognized courses include undergraduate level credit courses offered by vocational/technical schools, colleges, universities, and correspondence schools. Assistance, if approved, is given in the form of tuition reimbursement after successful course completion, to an annual maximum of $5,250.00 per calendar year. Refer to the Educational Assistance Policy for additional information. Texas Municipal League (TML) On-line Learning The EAA offers quality loss prevention training opportunities through The Texas Municipal League Intergovernmental Risk Pool Online Learning Center. Course topics include risk management, human resources, safety, and law enforcement. Online courses may be taken at any time and are at no cost to employees. NeoGov eLearn The EAA offers additional online learning opportunities to the eLearn system from NeoGov. This system gives employees access to hundreds of training webinars from business skills, cyber security, health, leadership, and management. Online courses may be taken at any time and are at no cost to EAA employees.


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